Hyundai Card/Hyundai Capital and GE Money: Re-branding Decisions in a Successful Joint Venture

Published 31 Dec 2008
Reference 5557
Topic Marketing
Region Global
Length 44 page(s)
Language English

The case presents a description of the JV between GE Money and Hyundai Card/Hyundai Capital from its inception through 2006 when the venture’s success in Korea led to thoughts of international expansion, raising the question of how the entity should be branded. Initially, GE had agreed to forgo the use of its name in the branding of the card given as brand recognition in Korea was low, while Hyundai enjoyed strong awarenesss and positive associations among Korean consumers. Data from market research bearing on the situation in 2006 are provided to facilitate the decision making

Teaching objectives

To discuss the management and branding of a joint venture.

  • Branding
  • Joint venture
  • Strategy
  • International Strategy
  • Asian Business
  • RD1108
  • AR2008
  • AR0708
  • AR0809