How Apple’s Corporate Strategy Drove High Growth

Published 31 Jul 2012
Reference 5860
Topic Strategy
Region North America
Length 6 page(s)
Language English

This case introduces the application of blue ocean strategy in the context of managing a business portfolio at the corporate level. Apple created future profits and growth not by exploiting existing demand, but by reconstructing industry boundaries to create new market space and unlock latent demand. As a result, the company's value grew exponentially as the total market value of a firm reflects not only today's performance but also its future profitability. The case examines a series of blue ocean strategic moves at Apple, Inc. that transformed the company from a computer manufacturer into a consumer electronics powerhouse. The case comes with a teaching note, lecture slides, press articles and a video. Teaching materials can be obtained at https://www.blueoceanstrategy.com/teaching-materials/apple/
The case is also available in Chinese and Spanish.

Teaching objectives

This case shows how a series of blue ocean strategic moves by Apple Inc. has transformed it from a computer manufacturer into a consumer electronics giant. The aim here is to illustrate how blue ocean strategy concepts, tools, and methodologies are applied in the context of managing business portfolios at the corporate level.

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