From the Ground Up: The Foundations of Discipline in Adaptive Organizations – The French Air Force

Published 25 Mar 2019
Reference 6471
Industry Military
Region Europe
Length 11 page(s)
Language English

Imagine a high-tech environment which is a hive of creativity and collaboration, where people think in terms of platforms and ecosystems, and are asked to provide a rapid response in pursuit of a goal. While a start-up setting in a tech hub will likely come to mind, such a setting is typical of a more traditional (yet advanced) organization – the military. What makes the military context different is the role of discipline. While the word discipline conjures up an image of repetitive behaviour – the opposite of creativity – it is key to the way a modern air force copes with the need for creative responses, adaptation, and the integration of digital technologies.

Teaching objectives

To understand the roots of creative action and effectiveness in organizations that are traditionally typecast as hierarchical.

  • Discipline in organizations
  • Organization Culture
  • Creativity
  • Decision Making
  • Judgement
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