Coordinating Disaster Logistics after El Salvador's Earthquakes using SUMA's Humanitarian Supply Management System

Published 30 Sep 2003
Reference 5145
Topic Operations
Region South America
Length 16 page(s)

Set during the devasting earthquakes in 2001 in El Salvador, the case narrates the process of implementing SUMA, a supply management system. It addresses the complexity of a humanitarian operation where numerous un-coordinated parties are involved in a highly politicized environment. Beyond providing managers and the public with information about the amounts of aid collected, stored and distributed, SUMA contributes to the situation with a degree of visibility and accountability essential to prevent the aid from manipulation or diversion.

Teaching objectives

It aims to highlight the complexity of humanitarian logistics operations and the benefits of implementing a supply management system to manage the collection, storage and distribution of the aid.

  • Humanitarian
  • Logistics
  • Disaster
  • Supply management
  • Latin America
  • Non-profit management
  • United Nations. AR2003
  • RD0903
  • AR0304