Cartier: A Legend of Luxury (French)

Published 01 Sep 2005
Reference 3663
Topic Strategy
Region Europe
Length 19 page(s)
Language French

The case describes the strategic, operational and organisational processes in Cartier, one of the most successful luxury product companies in the world. Creativity lies at the core of Cartier's strategy and the case focuses on how such creativity can be triggered and maintained in companies.

Teaching objectives

The teaching objective is to generate a rich discussion on 'creativity as strategy' and the management of such a strategy and to analyse the dualities which lie at the core of Cartier's strategic and organisational approach. The case can also be used to discuss the roles and tasks of the CEO in medium- size entrepreneurial firms.

  • Creativity
  • Corporate strategy
  • International business
  • Management roles
  • Marketing
  • Product policy
  • Strategy