AI for Customer Experience (A): Intelligent Automation in the Insurance Adjustment Claims Process

Published 28 Jul 2020
Reference 6575
Industry Insurance
Region North America
Length 5 page(s)
Language English

A large regional US-based insurance company decides to invest in digitalization, seeking to improve operational efficiency as well as the customer experience. After choosing ‘intelligent automation’ as the best way to optimize performance across the various business processes, IT Development Manager Catherine Campanaro now has to identify areas that will benefit the most from these types of technologies. Working with WorkFusion, an AI-driven intelligent automation software firm, she must decide which stages in the insurance claims process are ripe for automation, and what sort of AI tools – machine learning (ML) and/or robotic process automation (RPA) – to use.

Teaching objectives

To introduce students to work flow automation as a major domain application of AI; to distinguish rules based vs machine learning based AI, and to understand how to prioritize where AI techniques can be most and least useful to workflow automation.

  • AI
  • ML
  • Machine Learning
  • Bots
  • Intelligent Automation
  • Insurance
  • Customer Service
  • Workfusion
  • Q32020