Michael A. Witt

Adjunct Professor of Strategy
Steeltech is a supplier of high-quality tools to the automotive industry. Highly successful in Western markets, Steeltech has been making lossses in China since its entry 7 years ago. Key issues are cost, quality, relationship building and maintenance, and intellectual property protection. The company needs to decide how to proceed with its Chinese operations.

Published 16 Dec 2010

Reference 5747

Topic Strategy

Industry Automotive

Region Asia

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This case provides contextual information for understanding how South Korea created the conditions for fast economic growth that led the country from the world’s poorhouse in the 1950s to OECD membership in 1996. Focus is on the changing incentive structure for business in the 1960s and the underlying political developments.

Published 01 Nov 2003

Reference 5164

Topic Economics & Finance

Region Asia

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International Business, Global Strategy