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Vol de Nuit: The Dream of the Flying Car at Lemond Automobiles SA

Published 01 Sep 2005
Reference 5086
Topic Operations
Region Europe
Length 15 page(s)
Prizes & Awards

2009 ecch Best Selling Case in Production and Operations Management


The case describes the development of a radically new product within a large automobile company. It illustrates the difficulties encountered by the development team, both technically and concerning the organizational conflicts arising due to competition for resources, differing views of strategic priorities, internal resistance and insufficient relationship management with internal and external partners.

Teaching objectives

Managing a project with ambiguity (unforeseeable influences): The importance of pursuing several parallel concepts and of having the ability to fundamentally re-define the project mid-course. Entrepreneurship internal to a large organization: The role of external partners to provide resources and expertise in the development of radically new products. The importance of relationship management: internal resistance and external friction may become the key challenges of a radically new project.

  • Radical innovation
  • Parallel concepts
  • Organisational conflicts
  • Resource constraints
  • Communication of change
  • Strategic focus
  • Technology transfer
  • Automobile industry
  • AR2003
  • RD0103
  • AR0203