Running a Tight Ship (B): Save the World Foundation Budget Negotiation - Milo Makbuto - Confidential Instructions

Published 27 Jan 2014
Reference 6034
Industry Human Resources
Region Global
Length 6 page(s)

In this negotiation role-play between a promising new hire (Maria) and her experienced boss (Milo) in a large NGO, Maria has an ambitious mandate to develop a new initiative from scratch, while Milo has to tightly control budgets. Disagreement on the budget puts the relationship on a collision course.

Teaching objectives

1. Diagnosing relationship problems 2. The trust equation (Ability + Honesty + Reliability + Intimacy + Caring) 3. Communication and deteriorating relationships 4. Opening statement 5. Unconditionally Constructive Behaviours 6. Working inside a hierarchical organization

  • Trust building
  • Budget negotiation
  • Employee & boss relationship
  • Mandate negotiation
  • The trust equation (Trust = Ability + Honesty + Reliability + Intimacy + Caring)
  • Difficult conversations
  • Unconditionally Constructive Behaviours
  • Induction process
  • Creating a new initiative/project
  • Diagnosing relationship problems
  • How lack of communication leads to deteriorating relationships
  • The opening statement
  • Partisan perceptions
  • Q21314