Rothschild Bank AG

Published 06 Jul 2005
Reference 5265
Industry Banking
Region Europe
Length 36 page(s)
Language English

In 2003 a BCG survey found Rothschild Bank AG to be one of the most profitable private banks in the world. The bank's future, however, was surrounded by uncertainties related to new international regulations, increased competition as well as volatile financial markets. Rothschild bank's management was concerned to master these challenges and to assure that banks successful past will continue into the future. The task for students is to identify the key success drivers for Rothschild in the future.

Teaching objectives

The general objective of the case is to provide material for a discussion of behavioral aspects of client's portfolio selection, asset allocation, and the performance and strategic importance of the mutual fund and hedge fund products offerings. Moreover the case allows the discussion of off-shore versus on-shore investing and trust services. Discussion of the due diligence process in the selection of mutual funds and hedge funds.

  • Private banking
  • Mutual and hedge funds allocation
  • Family offices
  • Trust services
  • Asset management
  • Behavioural finance and asset
  • Offshore banking
  • Asset allocation