Robert Mondavi Corporation in France (full version) (A1)

Published 09 Jan 2004
Reference 5203
Topic Strategy
Region Europe
Length 22 page(s)
Language English

Robert Mondavi Corporation, a major U.S. wine company, secured a lease to create a winery on undeveloped land in southern French village of Aniane. The plan provoked public dissent. The debate included the defence of traditional European artisanship against U.S. industrial scale production and respect toward due political process in France.

Teaching objectives

This case illustrates the features of institutional theory: regulative processes, enforced obligations and expectations and cultural values. It serves as a lesson in how these features shape business systems and business behavior and how misunderstanding and miscommunication can occur when agents of different business systems interact.

  • Business Systems
  • Comparative
  • Institutions
  • Economic Culture
  • Globalization
  • Market Entry
  • Employment
  • Competitiveness