Purse Strings - Women and Microfinance in Pakistan (Video)

Published 13 Jul 2007
Reference 5446
Region Asia

Modelled after Grameen Bank, Kashf Foundation focuses on providing microcredit and social support services to low income women. Kashf is Pakistan's third-largest microfinance instution and has ambitious growth plans. While there are substantial growth opportunities for microfinance in Pakistan, the competition is gearing up. Kashf will need to manage aggressive growth plans in the context of an increasingly competitive environment.

Teaching objectives

The case study is best deployed as a case study of a microfinance organization that has tremendous growth opportunities (on the one hand) and is rather suddenly facing a substantial degree of competition (on the other hand). The case study may also be deployed: (a) as a general introduction to microfinance; and (b) for a discussion of strategic and scaling options for a microfinance or other social enterprise in Kashf's situation.