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Public Sector Service Design: Designing the Employment Pass Service Centre for the Ministry of Manpower, Singapore

Published 28 Aug 2017
Reference 6145
Topic Operations
Industry Public Policy
Region Asia
Length 10 page(s)
Language English

The Ministry of Manpower in Singapore is designing a new employment pass processing centre. Working with a lean-thinking approach and using previous centers as a template, the project team proceeds to plan an updated version with faster processing times and improved interiors. Unexpectedly, plans grind to a halt as the civil servant in their line of reporting raises some crucial queries that call into question the very basis of the new centre’s lean and optimal design. Time is of the essence and the project head is now faced with two very tough options: proceed with minor incremental changes that may not meet expectations, or go for a complete redraft which requires time and capabilities that the team may not possess. Which will be his choice? The case stops here to allow a class discussion to evaluate the two options on how to proceed. This provides an ideal setting to discuss how to manage a new-to-the-firm design-thinking project.

Teaching objectives

After reading and analysing the case, students will be able to: • Evaluate the pros and cons of lean thinking vs. creative thinking methodologies. • Apply the steps and processes of creative thinking. • Examine the importance of excellence in user experience via the customer’s journey through the system. • Apply their understanding to consider the factors required to bring about transformation through design thinking in their own organizations. • Consider the need for excellence in public sector services, as in those for the private sector.

  • Innovation
  • Design thinking
  • Public sector
  • Organizational transformation
  • Q41617
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