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The Privatisation of British Airways (B)

Published 01 Oct 1994
Reference 3033
Region Europe
Length 7 page(s)
Language English

British Airways British Caledonian Airways This is the principal case in a set of three (with British Airways and British Caledonian Airways) that describes the situation just prior to the privatisation of British Airways when the UK government was considering major structural and regulatory changes to the industry. Questions about the objectives of both privatisation and regulatory change are raised. The Privatisation of British Airways (B) This case extends The Privatisation of British Airways, INSEAD 1986, up to 1994. It offers a potpourri of quotations, paraphrases and opinions from articles appearing in the press after 1984, going through the agonising period of attempted airline liberalisation in the EU. The period is still far from over. The case ends with some questions regarding the road still ahead to "freedom of the skies" by the end of the decade.

Teaching objectives

Through role-play to have students explore the objectives and likely consequences of privatisation and regulatory liberalisation in air transport in the UK and the EC.