Pellton International: Partnerships or Tug of War?: Pellton International and Perdirelli, a Short-Cut to Success (B)

Published 01 Aug 1997
Reference 4713
Topic Operations
Industry Automotive Chemicals
Region Europe
Length 4 page(s)
Language English

The package consists of 3 cases and a teaching note. As part of a business process re-engineering effort, Pellton has performed two joint supply chain improvement projects with customers (described in parts A and B), and logistics manager Peter Jackman must decide how to capitalize on these experiences for future projects within Pellton world-wide.

Teaching objectives

Logistic issues: pooling effects in safety stocks through SKU rationalization, benefits of cycle time reduction, consignment stock. Supply chain improvement project issues: starting from a situation where customer and supplier do not necessarily have a good relationship, how can they work together to improve their supply chain? (Project preparation, benefit sharing agreement, team composition, process mapping, and project management.)Strategic issues in supply chain partnerships: how does one build and manage a set of strategic partnerships? How can one ensure rolling such efforts out throughout the firm, and provide the necessary training to do so?