Norsk Hydro ASA: Sustainable PVC at Hydro Polymers?

Published 18 Sep 2008
Reference 5525
Region Europe
Length 40 page(s)

Hydro Polymers Limited, a division of Norsk Hydro ASA, the largest single-site polyvinyl chloride (PVC) manufacturer in Europe and one of only two in the UK, is about to hold a meeting of key customers to showcase its strategy for sustainable PVC. Since 2001, it has worked with The Natural Step (TNS) – an international non-profit organisation promoting a scientific, whole-systems approach to sustainability – to preempt an industry-wide threat of end users boycotting PVC products on environmental grounds. By 2006, the time has come to engage the PVC supply chain and gain customer support for the long-term development of sustainable PVC

Teaching objectives

1. To examine an in-depth application of The Natural Step framework and the business value of adopting a scientific, structured, whole-systems approach to sustainability. 2. To demonstrate a strategic approach to sustainable development that connects corporate responsibility (CR) to core business strategy and planning to enable sustainable value creation for shareholders and for society at large. 3. To highlight an innovative, integrated and strategic organisational response to a CR/sustainability challenge. 4. To consider the implications of CR/sustainability for corporate strategy and marketing (i.e., ?mainstreaming? CR).

  • corporate responsibility
  • sustainability
  • The Natural Step
  • environmental management
  • green marketing
  • mainstreaming CSR
  • marketing strategy
  • corporate strategy