Nestor: Simplifying Lunchtime Meal Delivery in Paris

Published 10 Jun 2021
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Topic Strategy
Region Europe
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Language English

Nestor is a foodtech startup that takes a novel approach – radical menu simplification – to enable streamlined operations. Its approach is placed in the context of a rapidly developing food-delivery sector in Paris, France, comprising local start-ups as well as international players/platform providers.

Teaching objectives

To understand the start-up’s business model with a particular focus on the interlinkages and alignment of the customer value proposition with activity system operations, and how sources of competitive advantage are developed over time. To consider a broader context of industry development, where diverse business models include disruptive entrants and wide-reaching platforms, and where the competitive landscape is rapidly evolving.

  • Foodtech
  • Food delivery
  • Startup
  • Operations
  • Platform
  • Digital
  • Strategy
  • Entry
  • Distribution
  • Business model
  • Simplification
  • Q22021