nam.R: Addressing Sustainability by Leveraging (Open) Data

Published 11 Feb 2021
Reference 6555
Topic Strategy
Region Europe
Length 29 page(s)
Language English

nam.R, a data-driven start-up based in Paris, embarked on an ambitious plan to contribute to address global warming using open data. From its launch in 2017, using open-data sources augmented by sophisticated data analytics, nam.R has constructed a “digital twin” of every single building in France by early 2020. It requires vast quantities of data to be extracted, aggregated, cleaned and reorganized in diverse formats from different providers. This unique asset potentially has wide-ranging applications, including the identification of energy-saving opportunities. The next challenge for nam.R is to sell the data to companies and public authorities, staying true to its sustainability and energy-efficiency goals.

Teaching objectives

The case addresses two objectives in the context of a data-centric start-up focused on sustainability. First, to understand value creation and value capture, and from this determine the basis of competitive advantage. Second, in considering the value of data in addressing sustainability, to explore the potential tension between creating value for society through sustainability and capturing value for the firm.

  • Strategy
  • Sustainability
  • Start-ups
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Data and analytics
  • Digital
  • Real estate
  • Energy-saving
  • Energy
  • Value creation
  • Open data
  • Digital twin
  • B2B
  • Q12021
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