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The Moral Compass: Values-Based Leadership at Infosys

Published 09 Jan 2006
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Region Asia
Length 17 page(s)
Language English
Prizes & Awards

2010 The Case Centre Best-selling Case in the Category 'Entrepreneurship'


This case delves into the operational details of values-based leadership. It addresses core issues including: how do visionary leaders set directions and clear and visible values for the firm; how do they measure performance; and how do they balance the needs of all stakeholders? It explains how the founding entrepreneurs stimulated innovation; how knowledge and capabilities at Infosys are built from top down and bottom up; how sustainability is ensured through a leadership system and how strategies for continued growth are deployed. It analyzes the way behavior and culture influence the course of an entrepreneurial organization's development.

Teaching objectives

To discuss and understand leadership challenges including: - The charismatic and architectural roles of a leader - The creation and maintenance of integrated vision, values and performance expectations - The creation of an environment that encourages ethical behavior and high performance - The identification of strategies for growth - specifically management of innovation and its link to leadership - Transition in entrepreneurial start-ups - passing on the founders' values in the next phase in the organization's life cycle.

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