Mass Retailing in Asia (A): The Markets

Published 02 Jan 2005
Reference 5261
Topic Strategy
Region Asia
Length 24 page(s)
Language English

The case series on the Mass Retailing Industry in Asia discusses the applicability of the hypermarkets and supermarkets business models in Asian contexts. The case A illustrates the industry evolution, the economic model and the globalisation trends of mass retailing and describes the key characteristics of various Asian markets with a particular emphasis on China and Japan. The case B presents some of the major international players in this industry: Wal-Mart, Carrefour, Tesco, Metro, Makro, Dairy Farm, Ito-Yokado and Aeon. A more detailed individual cases: Carrefour in Asia and Wal-Mart in Asia provide a deeper analysis of those two firms’ strategies in the region.

Teaching objectives

This case study aims to: • Perform an industry analysis in a regional (Asian) context. • Identify the issues associated with the globalization of services. • Discuss the applicability of the hypermarket business model in Asia. • Analyze how competitive advantages can be built internationally with a particular focus on Asia (especially China and Japan).

  • Asia Pacific
  • Globalisation
  • Entry strategy
  • Competitive advantages
  • Industry analysis
  • Country risks
  • Country attractiveness
  • China