JIFEI (XAG) Technology: Automation and Digitalization in Agriculture

Published 16 Dec 2021
Reference 6716
Topic Strategy
Industry Agriculture
Region Asia
Length 12 page(s)
Language English

China’s agricultural sector is undergoing rapid transformation, but with growth come serious problems such as labor shortages, soil compacted by machinery, and chemicals (pesticides) that pollute the earth. In parallel, therefore, a major technological transformation is underway. The case follows JIFEI (XAG) Technology as it pivots from making consumer drones to agriculture drones, eventually becoming an agriculture tech company. It describes the automation and digitalization of the agriculture sector in China using JIFEI as an illustration of value innovation, penetration of the agricultural market, and a shift in core competences.

Teaching objectives

The case is suited to teach any (or all) of the following themes/concepts: 1. Planned vs. emergent strategy in a nascent industry 2. Lean start-up, building business, pivots in enterpreneurship 3. Value innovation and technology innovation 4. Core competence - from technology to organizational learning

  • JIFEI Technology
  • XAG Technology
  • Drone
  • Agriculture
  • Automation and digitalization
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Planned vs. emergent strategy
  • Lean start-up and pivot
  • Core competence
  • Value innovation
  • China
  • Technology innovation
  • DJI
  • Blue Ocean Strategy
  • Q42021