Jack Klues: Managing Partner, VivaKi (C)

Published 21 Dec 2009
Reference 5643
Topic Strategy
Region Global
Length 7 page(s)
Language English

This case profiles the leadership style, role and typical workday of Jack Klues, co-managing partner of Vivaki. When he is not on the road, Jack Klues, a 55-year old mid-Western media buying expert, starts works around 7am and finishes at 6pm in Publicis' Chicago offices. The case details Klues' views on leadership, his co-leadership with David Kenny and how his leadership is seen by colleagues and business partners. The corresponding video shows 'a day in the life of' Jack Klues.

Teaching objectives

The case series was set up to: 1. Set up a compare and contrast of two effective but very different leaders in the tradition of the HBSs famous ?Fred and Renn? cases 2. Explore the role of chief executives in today?s context, in the tradition of Mintzberg and Kotter, who pioneered the ?day in the life? method to discern ?what leaders really do? 3. Highlight the different roles a formal leader can play in leading change 4. Explore the pros and cons of co-CEO arrangements and what is needed to make them work

  • leadership
  • co-leadership
  • media
  • digital
  • leadership style
  • leading change
  • future of advertising
  • RD1109
  • AR2009
  • AR0910