ITC e-Choupal (A): Revolutionizing Agriculture in India by Propagating Technology

Published 28 Oct 2016
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Industry Agriculture
Region Asia
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e-Choupal, an initiative of ITC Ltd. launched in 2000, endeavours to place computers with internet connectivity in villages in rural India. ‘Choupal’ is Hindi for ‘gathering place’: the computer facility serves to bring villagers together for exchange of information and as an e-commerce hub. Although the primary objective of the project is to bring efficiency to ITC’s procurement process, an important byproduct is the empowerment of farmers in areas where e-choupals are established.

Teaching objectives

. Start by comparing the state of Indian agriculture before and after implementing this initiative. . Explore the value chain of the agriculture sector in India, and where the redundancies are. . Understand how the e-Choupal initiative benefits farmers as well as ITC . Debate whether ITC could leverage on e-Choupal’s success to enter fields such as improving education and healthcare in rural India – is the model replicable in other social impact settings?

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