Incubating AIMLedge: A Safety Net or on the Edge?

Published 29 Oct 2018
Reference 6413
Region Asia
Length 11 page(s)

Constance and Gopal have both quit their jobs at reputed organisations to join the Entrepreneur First (EF) programme to realise their entrepreneurial ambitions. They bring different sets of skills to the table but are united in their desire to do something meaningful at the forefront of technology. They have been admitted to the EF programme in Singapore, which is where their paths first crossed and where they co-founded AIMLedge.

Teaching objectives

Focusing on the instruction and application of concepts related to entrepreneurship and new business ventures, the case presents the benefits that incubators such as EF offer, as well as the drawbacks, e.g., the fact that the co-founders (Constance and Gopal) barely know each other, the pressure to deliver in a short time span. The case enables students to discuss the following questions and themes: 1. Do I want to become an entrepreneur? 2. How to pick the right co-founder? 3. How to deal with (negative) feedback? 4. Competitive positioning through a customer lens 5. Creating value through business models

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