Hewlett-Packard Boardroom Simulation: A Governance Drama - Participant's Guide

Published 29 Jun 2015
Reference 6113
Region North America
Length 15 page(s)
Language English

This governance simulation is a role-play between a powerful, charismatic chair-CEO and an equally powerful and demanding board of directors. The aim is to achieve the respective characters' goals and find the best possible and most workable outcome for all the stakeholders involved given the circumstances.

Teaching objectives

Participants gain a better understanding of the governance function by observing and experiencing how board relationships and dynamics influence the board's decisions and actions. They are challenged to discusss and resolve issues faced by the HP board of directors as they assess the performance of the business and its leader.

  • acquisition
  • decision making
  • board governance
  • tough leadership
  • merger
  • personality conflicts
  • strategic direction
  • abrasive leadership
  • Q41415