Struggling Sibling Partners: It's Not Fair?

Published 25 Nov 2013
Reference 6006
Region Asia
Length 3 page(s)

Struggling Sibling Partners deals with the difficulty of creating a sense of fairness in family business relationships. The case explores the challenges of leading and governing a family business equally owned by three siblings. It is used as an introduction to the concept of Fair Process, at the core of INSEAD's work with family businesses. Developing a sense of fairness is the critical goal of family business governance processes, including family meetings and councils, boards of directors and family constitutions.

Teaching objectives

To demonstrate the value of applying Fair Process to family relationships; To apply Fair Process principles to family business situations; To recognize the value of communication, clarity, consistency, changeability and a culture of fairness; To balance individual and family branch interests.

  • family business
  • business conflict
  • sibling rivalry
  • Q11314