Delta Electronics: Bringing the Computer into the Car

Published 02 Jan 2000
Reference 4874
Topic Operations
Region North America
Length 12 page(s)

Delta Electronics, an automotive supplier, moves from delivering components to integrated systems of hardware and software. The company is facing the entry of Sun's Java and Microsoft's Windows CE into automotive electronics. Delta must decide which of the two possible standards to follow, and understand how the entry of these software platforms changes its own competitive position.

Teaching objectives

The case can be discussed in the context of product development and technology strategy. The goals are to understand: The impact of product platforms on development costs, competences and competitive position The competitive positioning of automotive suppliers between powerful customers (the car manufacturers) and emerging supplies (Sun and/or Microsoft) The possible impact of new technologies on the automotive manufacturers themselves

  • Automotive supplier
  • Automotive electronics
  • Technology strategy
  • Product architecture
  • Standards
  • System development