CEO Succession Planning at UPG

Published 06 Feb 2023
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Industry Real Estate
Region Europe
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The board of directors of UPG, a public company with two main shareholders, is preparing to discuss plans for the CEO succession. UPG, the third largest developer in its country, has been growing fast despite COVID-19 and market turbulence. Under the leadership of the incumbent CEO, in the last three years the company has undergone an organizational and digital transformation, entered new market segments and business lines, and has radically improved financial and operational performance. Much to the surprise of the board members, the CEO has communicated his decision to step down in another 18 months. He has taken the lead in preparing his succession, drawing up a profile of the next CEO. Together with external assessments he presents the board with three internal candidates. In addition, one of the founders has suggested hiring an experienced executive that could be another potential candidate. The board has to decide what the succession process should look like and who to lead it.

Teaching objectives

-Illustrate the importance of CEO sucession planning -Discuss the role of the board, the CEO and the founders in the CEO succession process -Review different elements of effective succession process and different models of succession governance -Provide participants with opportunities to assess CEO potential of candidates with different profiles -Learn about effective board process

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