Board Process Simulation: CarSight

Published 25 Mar 2019
Reference 6447
Topic Strategy
Industry Automotive
Region Europe
Length 12 page(s)
Language English

The case represents a role-play simulation in which a team of up to 6 participants acts as a board of directors of a privately-owned automotive lighting products manufacturer. At a regular meeting, the board has to make two decisions: 1) define growth targets for the next eight years; 2) decide the fate of a newly appointed CEO whose style has created a wave of uproar at the company. The board consists of two shareholders, chairman of the board, two independent directors and employee representative. After the two-hours meeting, the participants will have time to reflect on their experience and exchange views within their groups.

Teaching objectives

The simulation is designed to serve as a basis for class discussion in the format of a board meeting, for which students are expected to use all the knowledge gained during the programme. The learning objectives are: 1) to experience the dynamics of a board of directors, 2) to understand the systemic nature of boards and board-management interaction, 3) to use different approaches to decision making, 4) to lead a board (for the chair), 5) to collaborate with people with different backgrounds and agendas.

  • Board of directors
  • Management
  • Board process
  • Chair of the board
  • CEO
  • Strategy
  • CEO Succession
  • Automotive industry
  • Q31819