Crisis at HBL

Published 06 Feb 2023
Reference 6791
Industry Media Production
Region Europe
Length 5 page(s)
Language English

The board of HBL, a privately-owned media holding, is to hold an emergency meeting to discuss a leadership crisis that emerged when the CEO was unexpectedly admitted to hospital and subsequently submitted his resignation. Ten months earlier, the board had started the succession process after the incumbent shared his intention to step down at the end of his second three-year term. Two out of five internal candidates were identified as the most promising and were appointed Managing Directors, reporting to the CEO. The plan was to evaluate them after six months and make the final decision. In the meantime, an external candidate – the CEO of a smaller media company – approached the founders, expressing an interest in the position. The board must now decide how to ensure effective leadership.

Teaching objectives

- Illustrate the importance of CEO sucession planning - Discuss the role of the board, CEO, and founders in the CEO succession process - Differentiate between planned and unplanned succession - Provide an opportunity to choose a CEO potential from candidates with different profiles - Learn about effective board process during a crisis

  • Unplanned Succession
  • Board of Directors
  • Leadership Succession
  • Succession Planning
  • CEO Succession
  • Corporate Governance
  • Founders
  • CEO
  • Leadership
  • Crisis
  • CEO Profile
  • Internal and External Successors
  • Q12023