ESG at Unia Property Group

Published 12 May 2023
Reference 6807
Industry Real Estate
Region Europe
Length 12 page(s)
Language English

The board of directors of Umania Property Group (UPG) is preparing to discuss an ESG (environmental, social, governance) strategy and how it should be managed. The third-largest real estate developer in the country (Umania) has been growing fast despite COVID-19 and market turbulence. In the last three years it has undergone organizational and digital transformation, and has entered new market segments and business lines. Its financial and operational performance have radically improved. However, progress in ESG is limited. A consulting company has been engaged to conduct an ESG audit and make recommendations for a potential ESG strategy. On this basis, management has prepared a roadmap to be discussed at the board meeting. The CEO believes that the board should approve ESG strategy and monitor its implementation, leaving the execution to management. The CEO wants to create a new position - ESG Officer - reporting to the chief executive, with responsibility for implementing ESG strategy, creating an ESG management system, educating managers and workers in ESG philosophy, and interacting with external stakeholders. UPG’s directors have different levels of experience and interest in ESG. The upcoming board meeting is the setting for the role-play.

Teaching objectives

- Familarize participants with the challenge of integrating ESG issues into a board process - Illustrate different approaches to ESG 3 - Discuss different ways to organize ESG governance in a public company - Identify the skills and competencies required at board and management level to manage ESG - Provide an opportunity (role-play) to participate in a board meeting of a public company

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