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Aquagliss / Ultraglide

Published 01 Jan 1994
Reference 4410
Topic Marketing
Region Europe
Length 33 page(s)

The case describes the evolution, between the 1970s and the 1990s, of the new product development process in the Calor division of the French SEB group, a world leader in small household durables. Calor has tried out a wide range of different approaches to new product development, some highly successful, others less. Marketing domination of the process was not associated with success. What are the key ingredients to new product success, and how can these be institutionalized?

Teaching objectives

Issues that are raised include: How to manage the interface between marketing and other functions during the new product development process The roles of formal systems, organization structure and of senior management on managing this interface Trade-offs between innovation and time-to-market on one hand, and quality on the other The transition from an owner-manager dominated innovation process to a professionally managed process Individual and organizational learning in new product development

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