Al Gore: Surviving Career Setbacks

Published 25 Jun 2012
Reference 5893
Region North America
Length 13 page(s)

This case follows the life of Al Gore, one of the most powerful vice-presidents in US history who, in 2000, failed to secure what is probably the most powerful job on earth - the presidency. It describes how he nonetheless reinvented himself after the defeat and built a successful and influential post-political career.

Teaching objectives

To show how one can reinvent oneself after a major career setback by using power and politics. The case analyses the approach used by Al Gore to first become vice-president, and then combine his passion for the environment to forge a successful post-political business career.

  • Power
  • Politics
  • Al Gore
  • United States
  • Global Warming
  • Bill Clinton
  • White House
  • Career Setbacks
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