Where to Next with BlaBlaCar? (French)

Published 14 Oct 2016
Reference 6104
Topic Strategy
Region Global
Length 28 page(s)

The case describes the rise of BlaBlaCar to global leadership of long-haul ridesharing and to prominence as one of Europe's most successful startups. It focuses on a critical juncture when the company has recently emerged as the European leader and has raised $100 million to go global.

Teaching objectives

The case allows an integrated coverage of most elements of a core strategy course, including: industry analysis, competitive advantage, business models, company value chain, platform dynamics and positive feedback, acquisitions and global expansion. For entrepreneurship, it covers the founding and scaling of a new venture.

  • Sharing economy
  • Global expansion
  • Disruption
  • Platform strategy
  • Ridesharing
  • Green business
  • Competitive strategy
  • Business models