StreamLine - The ABC of a Merger (B): Building the New Organization

Published 30 Sep 2002
Reference 5050
Topic Strategy
Region Europe
Length 10 page(s)

The second case, "Building the New Organization" covers the second half of 2000. It describes the painful experience of those remaining with the unsuccessful and closing site and the journey of those moving, temporary, to the winning location. After reviewing the appointment process, it gives an account of how the company brings to life the new values of the merged company.

Teaching objectives

“The StreamLine: The ABC of a Merger” is a comprehensive case series that can be used to discuss the relationship between strategy implementation, human capital, and emotions management in a period of radical traumatic change (mergers, downsizing, re-engineering, relocations, etc.). The cases illustrate the importance of careful planning and implementation with due attention to people and emotions management.

  • Emotions management
  • Change management
  • Merger and acquisition
  • Middle management