SingTel: Newfound Status

Published 15 Mar 2002
Reference 4998
Topic Strategy
Region Asia
Length 15 page(s)

Case A traces the regionalisation strategy of SingTel (Singapore’s incumbent telco), through a series of alliances and minority acquisitions, to the point of its first controlling acquisition – the takeover of Optus (Australia’s number two operator), in August 2001. Two prominent bids had failed just 12 months earlier and a positive result in Australia was required to raise the company’s profile on the pan-Asian platform – and beyond.

Teaching objectives

The cases stimulate debate on potential competitive advantages that can be reaped by international expansion, modes of internationalisation and the transfer of learning across borders. They also allow for a discussion of the role of different partners/countries in a varied portfolio of international investments and alliances. Case B examines the capabilities required to execute a regionalisation strategy and realise maximum potential from the broader scale.

  • RD0302
  • Strategic Alliances
  • Aqcuisition
  • Capabilities For Internationalisation
  • Mobile Telecommunications
  • Global Competition
  • Cross-Border Synergies
  • AR2002
  • Internationalisation
  • Singapore