Saint George Triangle: A Multi-party Simulation. The Stakeholders - Saint George Bank & Trust Company (C)

Published 01 May 2006
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The Saint George Triangle multi-party simulation centers on decision making at a top organizational level. Designed for executives, MBAs, HR professionals, executive coaches and consultants, the exercise presents participants with a series of interconnected case studies, since every decision made creates, in effect, a new case and new circumstances. This simulation requires a minimum of about 24 players. Participants work in small teams of about six people, with each team representing one of six to seven different interest groups. The simulation should be supervised by at least one Principal Facilitator with a deep knowledge of group dynamics. It is suggested that the Principal Facilitator(s) should be assisted by two or three other Facilitators.

Teaching objectives

As with more traditional case studies, the participants are required to think in strategic ways, and organize themselves for competitive advantage. The participants work through a team-based decision-making process in a pressurized (but relatively "risk-free") environment. Theory, experience, action, and reflection are all put into the same activity, helping participants to internalize the concepts of group dynamics, communication, negotiation, conflict resolution, authority, power, influence, and leadership.