Otis Elevator in China

Published 01 Sep 2005
Reference 5111
Topic Strategy
Region Asia
Length 12 page(s)

This case series traces the evolution of the Otis Elevator business in China from its re-entry into the market in 1983 through until 2001. It explores the way in which the company has had to evolve its strategy and structures in China to keep pace with a fast-developing environment and the managerial challenges in implementing those changes. It looks at how Otis gained, lost, and then regained market leadership in China over the period.

Teaching objectives

This case allows a detailed examination of the dynamics of competition in China with the benefit of a long-term perspective. It can be used to motivate a rich discussion of what it takes to build and maintain competitive advantage in a rapidly changing environment. It also permits a detailed analysis of the practical management challenges of implementing changes in strategy and organisation structure in China.

  • China
  • Strategy
  • Restructuring
  • Globalisation
  • Joint Ventures
  • Acquisition
  • Organisation Structure
  • Competition