Monoprix (French)

Published 01 Mar 2004
Reference 4720
Topic Marketing
Industry Retail
Region Europe
Length 44 page(s)
Language French

The Monoprix case describes the strategic challenges facing France’s largest variety store company. Confronted by the competition of more cost-efficient and/or more specialized retailers, the company is striving to get the “best of both worlds” (i.e., become more focused and significantly more cost-efficient). Case data are based on in-depth interviews of Monoprix top executives, on corporate records (both financial and marketing) and selected published data.

Teaching objectives

The case allows to discuss the difficulties of repositioning an old retail concept (from mass to multi-focused retailing; from price to value-oriented; from product to service-driven, etc); it also underlines the difficulty of modifying a corporate culture in order to perform the desired strategic changes.

  • Retailing
  • France
  • Strategies