Louis Robert (B) (Spanish)

Published 01 May 1996
Reference 4450
Region Europe
Length 19 page(s)

In mid 1993, Louis Robert, a recent INSEAD graduate with significant consulting experience but limited financial resources, begins the search for a company to acquire. The case describes the search process and focuses on one opportunity, the Carter-Presser Company.

Teaching objectives

The case is designed to expose students to the problems of deal search and opportunity recognition phases of the entrepreneurial process. Louis Robert (B): The Deal Louis Robert, a recent MBA graduate from INSEAD with extensive consulting experience but limited financial resources, is analyzing the leveraged acquisition of a chain of furniture stores in Northern France. Pedagogical Objectives: Focuses on deal analysis and structuring to take full advantage of taxes. Also highlights negotiation strategies.

  • Structure
  • Financing
  • Holding
  • Leverage
  • Entrepreneurship