vs. DuPont (C): After the Crisis

Published 30 Jul 2014
Reference 6071
Topic Strategy
Industry Chemicals
Region North America
Length 6 page(s)
Language English

The introduction of a new class of persistent herbicides is anticipated by DuPont as a game-changer for the firm and its customers. Instead, the product creates unforeseen damage to vegetation. The mobilisation of the customer base soon extends to the general public and regulators, leading to withdrawal of the product and ultimately the sale of the DuPont business unit concerned.

Teaching objectives

Pedagogical Objectives Participants will learn that in the age of stakeholder-controlled media, the classic means of customer engagement are inadequate. Power has shifted from the firm to the customer, particularly in a B2B setting. The vehicle for this shift, the online forum, remains poorly understod and utilised by most firms. Participants will see that customer power can destroy entire business units.

  • E.I. DuPont Nemours & Co.
  • Online forums
  • Stakeholder media
  • Crisis communication
  • Herbicide
  • Environmental protection agency
  • News media
  • Q41314
  • Lawnsite
  • Corporate Governance
  • Investors, Stakeholders and Accountability