The Indonesia Strategy Case: Confidential Instructions for Joanna (A)

Published 07 Jun 2015
Reference 5870
Region Asia

This is a multi-issue one-on-one internal negotiation between a recently promoted boss, Joanna, and an older-than-her employee, Rupert, who is disgruntled at having been passed over for promotion. Joanna needs his advice to design the new strategy for the Indonesia operations, which she must present to the board soon.

Teaching objectives

The role-play lends itself to teaching several different points: Diagnosing relationship problems; Trust building and recovery; Overcoming communication biases and perceptions; Creating opening statements and unconditionally constructive behaviors; Managing with power and gender differences.

  • Internal Negotiation
  • Conflict or dispute resolution
  • Power, hierarchy and politics
  • Biases and perceptions
  • Managing Relationships
  • Gender differences
  • Communication
  • Building and recovering trust
  • Q41415