Hotel-Dieu de France: The Deployment and Improvement of a Disaster Relief Plan

Published 29 May 2009
Reference 5606
Topic Operations
Region Middle-East
Length 20 page(s)

This case examines strategy deployment and continuous improvement of disaster response processes at Hotel Dieu de France (HDF), a university hospital in Beirut, Lebanon. The disaster response plans, conceived and developed during three conflicts from 2006 to 2008, are then tested and improved via a drill involving Hariri Airport.

Teaching objectives

Teaching objectives include top-down and bottom-up communication in process improvement, the design of flexible processes, disaster recovery management, and continuous improvement. The case can be applied in service operations management, healthcare management, and disaster mangement contexts. The Middle East setting provides a cross-cultural dimension.

  • Healthcare
  • Hospital management
  • Disaster planning
  • Process management
  • Process improvement
  • Middle East
  • Continuous improvement
  • Strategy execution
  • RD0509
  • AR0509
  • AR0809
  • ADEC
  • HMI
  • Disaster Preparedness
  • HMI
  • Business Science