Gojek: From Ride-Sharing Super-app to Fintech Ecosystem Leader

Published 24 Mar 2021
Reference 6658
Region Asia
Length 12 page(s)
Language English

This case is about Gojek which has evolved from a ride-sharing app to a leader in the Fintech ecosystem in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. With input from internal sources, the case follows the growth and evolution of the app from its roots in ride-hailing to a super-app platform as Gojek became Indonesia's most valuable techonlogy company. In the case, the concept of the three-sided platform and the ecosystem it generates is first introduced and discussed. The case then goes on to discuss the competitive forces in play in Southeast Asia and success factors behind Gojek’s survival and growth. Finally, the case ends with the ever-changing Fintech landscape in the region and how Gojek has tried to position itself as one of the emerging leaders in the Fintech ecosystem.

Teaching objectives

This case is particularly well suited for teaching ideas around digital entrepreneurship and business model innovation. Issues of digital platform compeition and ecosystem leadership are the focus. It can also be used to discuss evolution of digital technologies as well as how companies adapt and change their business models in the process.

  • Digital Entrepreneurship
  • Business Model Innovation
  • Digital Strategy
  • Platform
  • Ecosystem
  • Super App
  • Mobile
  • Ride-Hailing
  • Fintech
  • Payments
  • Banking
  • Digital Payment
  • Localization
  • Asia
  • Q12021