East Asia United and Peaceful?

Published 20 Dec 2013
Reference 6035
Region Asia
Length 22 page(s)

The case explores the origins, historical evolution, present structure, current problems and challenges and future prospects of the principal organizations of regional cooperation in Southeast Asia, East Asia, and the Asia-Pacific (ASEAN, ASEAN+3 and APEC).

Teaching objectives

• to identify the principal variables driving and hindering processes of regional integration in East Asia and the Asia-Pacific, • to assess the likelihood of the emergence and the likely composition and character of a strong inter-state organization in this region, • and to analyse the implications of alternative possible future scenarios of Asian or Asian-Pacific regionalism for the evolution of the international trading system and the international distribution of political power.

  • APEC
  • ASEAN+3
  • Integration
  • Regionalism
  • Politics
  • Trade
  • East Asia
  • Q21314