Danfoss RC in China (A): Going Global

Published 08 Jan 2004
Reference 5228
Region Asia
Length 25 page(s)
Prizes & Awards

Winner of the Case Centre Awards and Competitions 2006 in the Category 'Economics, Politics and Business Environment'


Danfoss is one of Denmark’s largest family firms, producing components for a wide range of industrial control activity. Spanning the period 1996-2004, the case begins by looking at Danfoss’ globalisation strategy, then focuses on its specific experience and learning in China, before returning to the wider challenges that globalisation in China poses for Danfoss as a whole. The focus is on the Refrigeration & Controls (RC) division, the key Danfoss division to enter China.

Teaching objectives

The teaching objectives are: 1. To emphasise the importance of the corporate learning process as the globalisation strategy develops; 2. To bring out the specific features of China as a location for foreign investment; 3. To develop a forward looking corporate strategy and culture which fits with China's and the corporate transformation; 4. To discuss corporate strategies dealing with conbcerns back home of de-localisation.

  • Globalisation
  • China Investment
  • Large Family Firm
  • Strategy
  • Cultural Change
  • Management Learning
  • De-Localisation
  • China Transformation
  • Governance, parallel planning, strategy, boards