Cadbury Schweppes (A): The Strategic Dilemma of Trebor Bassett

Published 01 Nov 2001
Reference 4856
Topic Strategy
Region Europe
Length 13 page(s)
Language English

The (A) case describes the situation of Cadbury Schweppes and its sugar confectionary business, in a state of “satisfactory underperformance” in which past strategies and practices make it hard for new management to initiate change in this widely respected company.

Teaching objectives

The immediate purpose of the series is to allow an informed discussion on the use and implementation of so-called Value Based Management, from a broader managerial rather than the typical financial perspective. The broader purpose is to illustrate how VBM can lead to Corporate Transformation and a sharpening of Leadership Practices in large firms.

  • Value based management
  • Corporate transformation
  • Leadership practices
  • Managing for value
  • Performance management process
  • Performance contract
  • Strategy development
  • Strategy dialogue
  • Economic profit
  • Incentive compensation