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Boost M6700 (A): Buyer-Seller Negotiation - Confidential Instructions for John Payne

Published 25 Jan 2016
Reference 6099
Industry Consulting
Region Global
Length 10 page(s)
Language English
Prizes & Awards

Winner of the Case Centre Awards and Competitions 2020 in the Category 'Entrepreneurship'


This is a 1-on-1 first interaction negotiation between John, a senior sales manager of high-end, state-of-the-art laptops (Boost computers), and Cindy, a procurement manager of a business consulting firm. Cindy has invited John to discuss his proposal to sell 50 of the latest technology computers.

Teaching objectives

• Value discovery, value creation and value claiming • The difference between interests, options and positions • Positional bargaining and its risks • Preparing and prioritizing interests • Creating options • Managing the risks of information disclosure • Identifying and using sources of legitimacy • Power in negotiation versus negotiation power (alternatives)

  • B2B negotiation
  • Sales negotiation
  • Pricing negotiation
  • Procurement negotiation
  • Negotiation under time pressure
  • Managing information asymmetry
  • Value discovery, value creation, value claiming
  • Alternatives and power perception
  • Q21516