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Published 26 Jun 2017
Reference 6309
Industry Biotechnology
Region Asia
Length 37 page(s)
Language English

A Korean agricultural biotechnology company spun out from university research is at a crossroads. Using advanced fermentation technology, it has created a string of unique products for consumers and farmers. It now has an opportunity to license and develop a proprietary technology to solve a major social problem: odour from animal waste. Should it devote all its efforts to this new technology and new market?

Teaching objectives

Using the example of an entrepreneurial company that developed a product portfolio over 15 years, students are able (1) to chart a logical growth path around proprietary intellectual property; (2) to consider when and how to pivot from one technological trajectory to another; (3) to understand how entrepreneurial ventures develop and deploy competencies as a complex bundle of technological, applications and market knowledge.

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Biotechnology
  • Korea
  • Growth strategy
  • Intellectual property
  • Diversification
  • Strategic management
  • University-based spinoffs
  • International growth
  • Q41617