Trouble in Tuscany: Exploring Family Business Relationships and Roles

Published 01 Jul 2005
Reference 5279
Region Europe
Length 5 page(s)
Language English

Trouble begins in this Tuscany family business as repercussions of traumas suffered by first and second generation family members affect the third generation. The Baldinis had always worked together in their olive groves to produce the finest quality olive oil, but now, old wounds of which younger family members were barely aware, threatened the future of the business. Using genograms as a tool to help understand family dynamics and relationships, this case challenges students to find solutions to a potential succession crisis in the Baldini family.

Teaching objectives

Applying learning from genograms to family businesses, addressing issues of: -conflict avoidance -sibling or family competition -difficulties with change or loss -gender stereotypes -power concentration -succession in family business

  • AR2005
  • AR0405
  • RD0705
  • Genograms
  • Family systems
  • Family dynamics
  • Family relationships
  • Business families
  • Succession planning
  • Succession, next generation
  • Fair process, communication, psychology, gender